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anglais général - intermédiaire

Testez si vous avez bien le niveau intermédiaire

1/ Mary has two sisters, one is Alice and ___ is Katie.

2/ I _______ John when I ______ him tomorrow.

3/ By the time I ___ to the station, the train ___.

4/ Columbus sailed west with the three ships ___ him by the Queen of Spain.

5/ He didn’t hear the phone ring. He ______ asleep.

6/ Some people believe that since oil is scarce, the __of the motor industry is uncertain.   

7/ “You try to get some sleep. I‘ll _the kids’ breakfast ”said my husband.

8/ The defense lawyer was questioning the old man who was one of the __of the murder committed last month.

9/ The London Marathon is a difficult race.___ , thousands of runners participate every year.   

10/ This light is too ___for me to read by.