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general English - advanced

Challenge your English level

1/ All the President’s Men ___one of the important books for historians who study the Watergate Scandal.

2/ If only the patient ___a different treatment instead of using the antibiotics, he might still be alive now.

3/ She _____fifty or so when I first met her at the conference.

4/ It is not ______much the language as the background that makes the book difficult to understand.

5/ He would have finished his college education,but he ____to quit and find a job to support his family.

6/ It is not uncommon for there _______problems of communication between the old and the young.

7/ . It is absolutely essential that Peter__his work in spite of some difficulties.

8/ I must leave now._______,if you want that book I’ll bring it next time.

9/ After a long delay,she _replying to my e-mail.

10/ . According to the new tax law,any money earned over that level is taxed at the ___of 59 percent.

11/ Mary sat at the table, looked at the plate and ___her lips.

12/ The national flag of the UK is called:

13/ The majority of the current population in the UK are decedents of all the following tribes respectively EXCEPT

14/ The original inhabitants of Australia were:

15/ Which of the following novels was written by Emily Bronte?

16/ . The Head of State of Canada is represented by:

17/ _______ refers to the study of the internal structure of words and the rules of word formation.

18/ The word tail once referred to “the tail of a horse”, but now it is used to mean “the tail of any animal.” This is an example of