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Working with JM GLOBAL means working in most interesting and fastest growing  industries namely education and travel. You will meet people for all over the world of different cultural backgrounds, students and coworkers alike. A team professional, dynamic and a community life enriching. If you are a native speaker of Chinese; English, French or another language or if you are an artist, a musician or a martial art practitionner, and you love teaching, then JM GLOBAL is the right place for you to work at. All year round, we are looking for language and art talents like you to join our team. 

Steps to follow:

  • Fill the application form online
  • Prepare for a written test on our E-learning platform  by level of subject matter and aptitude if you have been selected by CV and Cover Letter
  • Prepare for a telephone interview for those who have passed our written test
  • Prepare a 'demon class' or 'micro / peer - teaching' before a jury and a role play session for other posts
  • Expect our final decision by email or phone
Resume (CH/EN/FR)
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Cover letter (CH/EN/FR)
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