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French through movies/Audio-visuel class

For learners with a high level of the language learnt, we also offer courses designed to develop their specific skills. Learners must normally have completed at least six years of study of the language being learnt.The audio-visual courses, work focuses on information TVs, TV series, films that address various issues of society such as culture and education, politics and literature, economics, science and technology, sociology, medicine, the environment, etc..The difference is to work on listening and speaking skills rather than understanding and writing expression in playing press


develop their specific skills to understand the press and TV programs and movies


Textbooks for TV series, movies and other documents on the internet

Course Schedule:

classes are held in the evening or during the day on weekdays or weekend for a duration of 1 hour and half or 3 hours per week depending on your chosen package. The courses are taught by experienced teachers with the language as mother tongue and all with university diplomas.