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Preparation for official tests

Preparation for official tests cours à la carte

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To pass a formal language, apart from the regular and rigorous worked from the learner, it also exsite technical aspect psycologique. The institute offers courses préparatoin formal tests such as HSK Chinese out for the TOEIC, IELTS or TOFLE for the English language.Or we can also help you prepare for your synthèses' in Chinese or English or French to succeed in your French civil servant exams or 'grandes écoles' entrance exams.


Work with copies of the test with simulated exercies grammar, ainsique the techniques for a successful test to better pass a test.


Copies of exercises multi-media (book, CD) simulated test

Course Schedule:

Classes are held in the evening or during the day on weekdays or weekend for a duration of 1 hour and half or 3 hours per week depending on your chosen package. The courses are taught by experienced teachers with the language as mother tongue and all with university diplomas.

general English general public standard big groups beginner intermediate advanced