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In order to solve all the problems encountered by face execution for the upcoming British and American immigrants abroad and interview students to create a speaking courses, this course is poor hearing, can not speak for all students in small classes specially prepared teacher teaching, taught entirely in English, the curriculum is developed by academic groups and the preparation of teachers, in a short time (a month) so that we rapidly improve their English listening and speaking ability, relaxed face sign officer.

Teaching materials:

Academic tutor their own teaching materials, leaner, more practical, closer to the Anglo-American national life.


Course grading (according to European standard) is divided into stages A1, A2 phase, B1 phase, B2 phase, C1 and C2 stage stage

Teaching methods:

Full English teachers, interactive teaching mode

Teaching objectives:

Through each stage of the course of study, students will quickly accustomed to English ways of thinking, able to understand and use the content of this phase oral expression.

Class size:

Small class sizes of about 5-10 people

Last edited: 22/07/2016