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Your company is willing to finance one of courses offered by our institute in the framework of DIF or Individual Right to Training?

All our courses are eligible for DIF. But first you might ask the frequently asked question :

what is DIF or CIF exactly?

The D.I.F. is short for 'Driot individuel à la Formation' in French or Individual Right to Training. It is a continuous vocational training system where all permanent employees (in French CDI or Contrat à Durée Indéterminée) who have had at least one year’s seniority within their company and emplyees with a CDD (A temporary contract) can benefit training paid by their employers on the condition that they have worked for the same company for a period of 4 months or more during the last 12 months.This right is guarenteed by law.

How does DIF work?

  • Foremployees with a CDI contract, they will be granted 20 hours of training per year that can be accumulated over 6 years to a limit of 120 hours.
  • Foremployees with a CDD contract (in French Contrat à Durée Déterminée meaning a temporary contract ), the hours are calculated on a pro rata basis of time worked.          

The law stipulates that it is up to the employee to apply to their employer to finance their training programs. The choice of training programme is defined by the employer and employee. Should there be any disagreement over choice of training programme, and this for a period of two full years, the employee will receive priority access to a C.I.F. (Congé Individuel de Formation) or Long-term Training Leave.

In general, your training courses takes place after your working hours, but the employee will have a subsidy from their employer of 50% of their salary after tax (in French the  salaire net). Otherwise, you have your regular for hours used for training at workplace.

Procedure DIF for a training program in our insitute:

Follow these steps below for a training program within the framework of DIF in our institute:

1, choose one or more courses in our training programs and note down their detailed informaion such as their names, course code, prices etc.;

2, download our continuous professional training package under 'Downloads' or click HERE;

3, check with your company (HR / Accounting / employer) for your DIF situation such as vocational training hours acquired DIF, the procedure to follow and the deadline for application, or the right  OPCA to apply for financing your program (OPCA:organisme paritaire collecteur agréé,which is the French National Professional Training Tax Collecting Institutions for different sectors or industries) etc ...

4, complete, sign the contract with your company if they agree to finance 

5, return the contract by mail, or bring to us directly or easier, scan the contract and send us an e-version of your contract well completed, signed, dated and stamped

6, once your application is validated, begin your training and sign the attendance sheet at the end of the training

7, your company or training tax funds collecting agency pays us upon receiving our invoice

This seems too complicated for you? Don't worry, you can contact us and we will do our best to help you.

PROMOTIONS for trainees in the framework of the DIF

See our 'Our promotions & Referral Policy' to find promotions for your immediate families when you choose to follow our course in the framework of Trainees opting for vocational training DIF or CIF

Last edited: 22/01/2022