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"Art for art's sake" so said Théophile Gautier. For this poet, novelist and French art critic, as the Parnassians, art does not have to be useful or virtuous. Its sole purpose is beauty.

Music, art, and other cultural and art forms play a vital role in our daily lives. These things feed us spiritually. They make our lives richer, happier and more beautiful!

Everyone has probably experienced being in another world, a paradise of all serenity and utmost beauty when they listen to so called heavely music.Learning to play a musical instrument thus be able to play this music, however, is even more beautiful and more rewarding! It enables us to speak through a language without words which touches our innermost souls.

Similarly, practicing a martial art such as Taitchi Qigong for the 'qi' to cross all our body or to take our time to write the beautiful Chinese calligraphy or painting stroke by stroke in a tranquil pace, makes our life so much more peaceful.

Come and share your joy and passion for music, art and different cultures with us at JM GLOBAL, for a wide choice of activities.

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Instrument & music theory

  • Music theory and instrument lessons: piano, saxophone, etc.
  • Appreciation of classical music: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, immortal masterpieces, periods and genres

Calligraphy, painting & dance

Other culture programs that fall in to the General knowledge  category of calligraphy, painting, and dance:

  • Chinese calligraphy and painting
  • Western art
  • Social dance, Latin, hip-hop ...

Theatres & Martial Arts

Various courses of plays and Chinese / Asian martial arts:

Kung fu, judo, taekwondo ...

Chinese and European play 

Reciting classical Chinese texts

Ttraditional literary texts and verses and poetry:

  • Lessons of Appreciation of Major poems of the Tang, Song dynasties of ancient China
  • Analects of Confucius that have influenced the Asian culture

Western literature

  • The Anglo-saxon
  • French literature appreciation:
  • Romanticism
  • Lake poets
  • The Enligntenment
  • Stream of consciousness
  • Shakespeare's sonnets, plays like Romeo and Juliet
  • American literature: Whiteman Leaves of Grass, the Hemingway Old Man and the Sea ...


Music & Movies Appreciation Courses

FilmLearn a language through the appreciation of songs and movies in the original language

DIY cooking classes

You enjoy nice food and you do not just want to eat good food! You also wanna try and cook it by yourself. Come to DIY cooking classes of French, Chinese and other exotic cusine, an introduction to the cuisine of different countries of the entire world.

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