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For students who want to study or work in China, JM GLOBAL launches during special sprint for the preparation of HSK (the official Chinese Test) this course through a large individual exercises and exercises to explain the students' ability to improve and through the interpreter together to increase their overall English ability to improve students' level of french to lay a solid foundation, in addition to combining the HSK analysis in order to improve outcomes HSK order consolidate bases in China, through this course, students can successfully pass the exam, and faster in the English part of the University of professional learning.

Teaching material:

The test sites grammar exercises + HF + Chinese vocabulary notebook summarize original analog building HSK

Teaching objectives:

With a large number of individual exercises and exercises to explain to increase their overall ability in Chinese, in order to improve the results HSK, to consolidate the foundations of Chinese, through this course, students can take with exam success, and faster in the college major part of learning Chinese.


HSK test method to build a foundation in Chinese improved

Teaching methods:

Chinese education experts

Last edited: 04/08/2016